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501 Paintball Tips, Tricks & Tactics Book

501 Paintball Tips, Tricks & Tactics Book

501 Paintball Tips, Tricks & Tactics Book
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If you want to learn the basics about how to play paintball, there's no better information source than 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks & Tactics Book. This book is simple to read, easy to follow and has tons of great information.

This book is written by professional paintball journalist and player Dave “Landshark” Norman who has more than 10 years of experience put into this book. 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks & Tactics is also a great resource for looking anything up regarding paintball.

This book has tons of tips about winning competitions and useful strategies for both woodsball and speedball games that will work immediately! Learn the best way to get sponsored plus great tips on how to make your equipment last longer and work better.  

Woodsball players love this book because there are so many tips and tricks revealed... how rig booby traps, different ways to ambush a squad, how to become the ultimate sniper, tactical movement tips and more! This book has over 500 tips that are easy to locate for quick answers.

501 Paintball Tips, Tricks & Tactics is not only an informative, entertaining read, it's also a great field companion you can refer to whenever you need it. This book will teach you how to win more games, have more fun and play more safe during paintball. 

Buy 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks & Tactics book from Choicepaintballguns because we are your trusted source for not only great paintball products, but solid information about the sport. At our store, the pricetag on this book is cheap, however the information inside will be invaluable to you!

With 501 PAINTBALL TIPS TRICKS AND TACTICS book you’ll learn how to:

Get sponsored
Disappear in plain sight
Make a ghillie suit
Eliminate goggle fogging
Train your tourney team like a pro
Build a paintball cannon
Play new games this weekend
Take out a tank every time
Make your gear safer and more effective
Run-and-gun like a pro
Reverse a bunkering
Bunker someone without getting eliminated
Stay safe everywhere

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