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Tippmann Pod Rocket Paint Grenade (3 Pack)

Tippmann Pod Rocket Paint Grenade (3 Pack)

Tippmann Pod Rocket Paint Grenade (3 Pack)
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Surprise your enemys by throwing a paintball grenade at them! You can take out several oponents at once with a properly thrown paintball grenade. These accessories are so fun to use you will want to throw them over and over again!

That's why you should purchase the Tippmann Pod Rocket paint grenades (3 Pack); you get 3 grenades for the price of one. While Pod Rockets are fairly small, they can still pack quite a punch. When thrown, these paintball grenades have a large marking radius, spreading paint everywhere in it's path.

The small size of the Tippmann Pod Rocket makes them convenient to carry; they fit well in vest with pouches for 140 round pods. They also fit nicely in shirt pockets, raido pouches or ammunition pockets.

Buy several Tippmann Pod Rocket paintball grenades from Choicepaintballguns and pay a super low price. These accessories are fun, easy to use and cheap enough to buy several at a time.

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