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Ninja Remote Line w/Slide Check

Ninja Remote Line w/Slide Check

Ninja Remote Line w/Slide Check
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Remote lines are great for making your paintball gun lighter, easier to wield and much more realistic. However cheap quality remote lines often leak, causing your gun to lose pressure and shoot inconsistently. Remote lines without a slide check waste air from your tank as it blasts out when you disconnect, causing you to need tank refills much sooner.
The Ninja Remote Line w/Slide Check is top quality that has the best seals and will never leak. Just like others, the Ninja Remote Line w/Slide Check will allow you to carry your air tank in a pouch on your belt, harness or tactical vest. The Ninja Remote Line will work with any paintball air system and is compatible with either CO2 or compressed air tanks.
The Ninja Remote Line w/Slide Check is covered with a thick, durable rubber coating and is extremely sturdy. You can play hard with this remote line and not have to worry about compromising its integrity in your environment. The Ninja Remote Line is also tightly coiled but has the perfect balance of keeping out of your way but also giving you enough slack so you can still move freely.
The Ninja Remote Line’s slide check is terrific for making disconnecting totally easy and safe. Simply pull the slide check over the seal when disconnecting your air tank and you will lose no pressure. This mechanism is also great for keeping your hose from jumping and flying around erratically when separating from your gun’s air tank.
Buy the Ninja Remote Line w/Slide Check from Choicepaintballguns for a discounted price and excellent service. We keep this item in stock and ready for shipping so you can get the best paintball gun remote line quickly and easily. You will love our simple and totally secure checkout process.

-Made in the USA!!!
-All black tactical look
-Extremely flexible
-Designed by paintball players
-Aluminum Ninja slide check
-Fully assembled and ready to go
-3000 PSI working pressure coiled hose
-Will work with any paintball air system or CO2 bottle
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