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Mighty Paintball MegArena II Ultimate Package-Yellow

Mighty Paintball MegArena II Ultimate Package-Yellow

Mighty Paintball MegArena II Ultimate Package-Yellow
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The Mighty Paintaball MegarenaTM II is one of the world's largest pneumatic inflatable paintball arenas, made from high-quality DuroFabTM weaved fabric that is light weight and paintball impact proof. This fabric is 3 times stronger than regular nylon fabric.    The MegarenaTM II has been used in hundreds of events worldwide operated by its owners, proven to be one of the world's best complete mobile paintball arena packages--and you can get it here at a discount online sales price with free shipping!

Uses & Benefits:

  • Complete Large Capacity Inflatable Paintball Arena Package
  • Bright Yellow Color--Excellent for Attracting Attention!
  • Over 3000 Square Feet of Play Space!
  • Built-in Netting-- no rolled netting or clips to deal with!
  • Fast and easy setup--no special tools needed
  • Everything included for up to 10 Players!
  • Smart Bunkers included!


  • 80' x 40' inflatable paintball arena with side and top netting included;
  • The whole arena is wound on a 5' x 5' x 5' metal wheel for easy handling, no special tools or equipments needed;
  • All accessories for the inflatable arena are included, such as blowers, tie down, stakes and pegs;
  • 17 Smart-BunkerTM Tourney Pack is also included for 3 man format game;
  • 34 units of water sand bags included for bunker hold down use;
  • 1 unit of Smart-BunkerTM Blower included
  • All accessories for the bunker package are included, including repair kit, etc.
  • 3200 plus square footage of artificial turf matching the area; (13 rolls of 40" wide turf included for easy handling);
  • 10,000 Mighty BallsTM (reusable paintball);
  • 1 unit of 24" wide ball picker included, a MUST have to pick up the balls.
  • 10 Tippmann 98 ACT Rental Marker packages, including gun, mask, hopper and HPA tank;
  • 10 body armors;
  • 10 arm bands;
  • 10 neck protector;
  • 3 referee jerseys;
  • 1 hand held radar chrono;
  • 1 table radar chrono;
  • 1 mini compressor;
  • 1 O rings Kit (310 PC set)
Paintball fields are usually not profitable if only catering to the small quantity of the hardcore paintball players. Field owners need customers that are new to the sport, lots of them, to be able to make money. Many fields, however, face the challenge of attracting new customers to their fields due to many factors such as far distance, expensive and ineffective marketing efforts, and other challenges.

Megarena™ inflatable paintball arenas enable you to bring the game to the crowds at carnivals, fairs, and private or corporate events, military exercises, remote training locations and more. These inflatable arenas are great for entrepreneurs, government and military organizations, providing a complete turn-key package without having to source components from multiple suppliers. The Megarena package comes with everything needed for up to 12 players; all you'll need to supply is the power such as from generator or other power source.

The Megarena™ comes shipped on 5’x5’x5’ metal wheel that makes take down easier with lightweight design for painless setup. The included handling wheel makes for easy handling, fast setup, breakdown and compact storage. The handling wheel is feature only available through Mighty Paintball.  Included electric blowers are attached to each arena arch base for quick inflation. Each arena arch base will have a vinyl sleeve that will tie around the air outlet of each blower, inflating the whole arena in minutes. The blowers will then continue running to keep your Megarena™ inflated. 

Order your Mighty Paintball MegArena II Ultimate all in one package and get rolling with your paintball business or training ASAP!
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