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.43 Paintballs (2000 ct Orange)

.43 Paintballs (2000 ct Orange)

.43 Paintballs (2000 ct Orange)
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Introducing the new .43 Caliber Paintballs. These new paintballs use the same high-quality AG1 Paintball formula that makes our .68 caliber paint work so well! Based on the AG1 Paintball formula, these new paintballs yield peak performance to work in all markers under all conditions of use. The AG1 formula strengthens the shell and helps prevent chamber breaks. This also helps standardize their size, improving accuracy, functionality, and reliability.

This new and improved paintball will aid military and law enforcement agencies in their training with Choice Paintball tactical markers—real world solutions for training and sporting situations. High quality equipment makes for high quality training and gaming. These .43 caliber paintballs are best for use with RAP17, RAP4, RAP5, T16, and all .43 caliber paintball pistols (P99, Combat Pistol and RAMX50). They will work well in any .43 caliber marker. These are the best paintballs in the market today!

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