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.43 Paintballs (Box of 8000)

.43 Paintballs (Box of 8000)

.43 Paintballs (Box of 8000)
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It's great to play paintball all day, but your day can fall short if you run out of ammunition! There's nothing worse than when your fun has to end because you don't have enough paintballs. The best idea is to stock up on a large supply so you can play as long as you want. You will save the most money when purchasing a large volume of paintballs at once. The box of 8000 .43 caliber paintballs is the best deal you can find. These .43 caliber paintballs are the same high quality AG1 formula sold by Rap4 in their award winning .68 cal ball.

The .43 cal paintballs (box of 8000) are a low cost paintball that definitely yields high performance on the field. This size paintball works for any .43 caliber pistol or paintball gun, however is too small for use in .68 caliber markers. The AG1 formula is very reliable in all sorts of weather conditions (except for the extremes); they have a strong shell that's great for preventing breaks inside the chamber and is excellent for recreation and even tournament level play.

Buying 8000 paintballs is a smart move if you want the best bang for your buck. The .43 paintballs (box of 8000) will give you plenty of ammunition for many games, practices and often used by military and law enforcement agencies for training. Purchase the Box of 8000 .43 caliber paintballs from Choicepaintballguns for a terrific low price and excellent service. The price for this product is much better on our website than if you bought 4 boxes of 2000 count paintballs. We also offer fast shipping and an easy, secure checkout. Choose ORANGE or RED color below!

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