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Spyder M16 Sniper Kit

Spyder M16 Sniper Kit

Spyder M16 Sniper Kit
Spyder M16 Sniper
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Ultimate M16 Precision Sniper Upgrade Kit For Spyder Paintball Guns transforms Kingman Spyder paintball markers into one of the best military tactical sniper rifles you could ever want for realistic scenario paintball. The kit includes a precision 18” rifled barrel, 3-9x40 sniper scope, offset mount and authentic carbine stock. 

The Spyder M16 Sniper Kit includes:
  • - 1 x 7/8th Inch Diameter 18 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel
  • - 1 x 7/8th Inch M4 Front Site
  • - 1 x Carbine Buttstock
  • - 1 x 3-9x40 Rubber Armor Scope
  • - 1 x Universal Offset Mount

After you’ve taken your skills to a new level with your initial basic model Spyder marker, you’ll start to crave more speed, power or accuracy. Take your Kingman Spyder paintball gun into new territory by using it in a new position on the scenario battlefield by testing it as a precision sniper! This is easy and cheap to do with the Spyder M16 Sniper upgrade parts kit. 

The Spyder M16 Sniper Kit is compatible with the Spyder MR1, MR2, MR3, Spyder Pilot, Imagine and the Spyder Victor I & II and will satisfy your cravings to wreak havoc from afar! The Spyder M16 Sniper kit consists of parts that will instantly add range and precision to your shot and are super easy to install, requiring no tools. You can even carry the M16 Sniper kit parts in a back pack and quickly put them on your marker in the middle of a game for an immediate sniper transformation. 

The Spyder M16 Sniper upgrade kit will add amazing accuracy and distance to your shot just by adding the 18” tactical rifled barrel. The ‘rifling’ means there are tiny grooves inside that help glide and guide your paintball through the barrel for a straighter, farther projectory. You will also be more accurate at placing your shot with the top rated sniper scope that comes with this kit as well. 

The Spyder M16 Sniper Kit features the super accurate 3-9x40 Rubber Armor Scope that has a perfect range for what your Kingman Spyder marker can shoot. It’s also covered with a protective rubber coating that’s handy for keeping it alive during rough play in the environments you will encounter with scenario paintballing. You will also love how the sniper scope in this kit is offset by the universal offset mount – perfect positioning for dialing in targets while wearing your paintball mask. 

The carbine stock featured in the Spyder M16 Sniper Kit is adjustable and feels great when stabilizing your marker against your shoulder for precision aiming. This upgrade parts kit is a great buy and works excellent for most Kingman Spyder guns. Buy it from Choicepaintballguns and you will be getting the lowest price on the internet. We also have excellent customer service and fast, affordable shipping options. Feel free to contact us by phone or email should you have any questions about this kit or any of our products for an immediate response. 
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