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Dye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun - Black

Dye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun - Black

Dye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun - Black
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Dye Paintball DAM Assault Matrix Magazine Fed Camo Scenario Marker

Super lightweight Dye DAM tactical paintball rifle is fast & accurate with top & side rails great for customizing accessories....

In competition paintball, if your paintball gun outperforms all others, your likelihood of winning is much higher. The same is true in scenario paintball; if your tactical marker is faster and more accurate than your opponent's guns you will thin their ranks with ease.

Now you can be confident you have the best marker on the scenario field with the Dye Assault Matrix DAM paintball gun. The same technology and quality found in Dye's top performance competition paintball guns are now found in one of the best tactical markers on the field.

The Dye Assault Matrix not only looks like a sleek, special ops rifle straight from a Halo video game, this gun has the ability to switch from magazine to hopper feed with the flip of a switch. Rule the battlefield with a built-in electronic trigger; Dye's DAM marker features three firing modes including fully automatic.

The Dye Assault Matrix marker is highly versatile and totally upgradeable; it has standard picatinny rails along the entire length top, bottom and sides of the hand guard. Add lasers, scopes, flashlights or extra grips for full on customization.

With Dye tactical sticky grips and barely weighing 5lbs., it's ridiculous how easy the Dye DAM tactical marker is to wield in tight situations. Totally accurate and plenty of power, the word is out that this gun outperforms even the most advanced military replica paintball guns from the best companies. Add the Dye DAM Box Rotor Magazine below and enjoy astounding 325 round capacity and up to 30 balls per second feed for total annihilation of the enemy - or zombies!

Buy the Dye Assault Matrix DAM paintball gun from Choicepaintballguns for the best price and the easiest ordering process you will find. It's our mission to offer the best equipment for the lowest prices and provide the best customer service possible. 


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