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Tactical Tri-Rail 4x32 Scope

Tactical Tri-Rail 4x32 Scope

Tactical Tri-Rail 4x32 Scope
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Long Range 4x32 Sniper Scope Customizes Tactical Paintball Rifles....
This tactical 4x32 paintball sniper scope has great range and clarity and is covered on three sides with rails to attach more accessories. It will fit any rail system and comes for sale at an awesome cheap, discounted price.

If you want to turn your paintball marker into a precision sniping machine, the Tactical Tri-Rail 4x32 Scope is a must. Not only will this scope give you a new detailed perspective on long range targets, but the 4x32 is covered with mounts, allowing you to further customize with other accessories.
The Tactical Tri-rail 4x32 scope has a total of 16¾ inches of rail space on the sighting system mount for a wide variety of accessories. The tri-rail system allows you to mount many different accessories directly to the scope for quick and easy access. You can mount a secondary sight (red dot/ reflex sight), laser targeting, and/or a tactical flashlight directly to the scope.

The way the rail system is built, it keeps the weight of the accessories closer to the center balance of the firearm, avoiding the front heavy barrel feel of all the accessories mounted on the front end of your gun. This scope fits virtually any Weaver and Picatinny rails, making it possible to fit onto a wide variety of firearms and tactical paintball guns.

The Tri-rail 4x32 scope is manufactured from aircraft quality anodized aluminum and is as rugged as it is accurate. This scope is the ideal solution for a shooter that wants a modular sighting system that allows the easy attachment of accessories to their scope.
Buy the Tactical Tri-Rail 4x32 scope from for a great low price. Our prices are competitive with any other store on the internet, however we are sure to beat the competition with our quality customer service. This scope is popular and we always keep it in stock.
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