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24oz. CO2 Cylinder

24oz. CO2 Cylinder

24oz. CO2 Cylinder
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Huge 24oz. CO2 Paintball Air Tank Gives Longest Lasting Play Possible! Lightweight, largest, high quality aluminum paintball air cylinder available yields 800-1000 shots. Current hydro test date safety rating and 1 year no leak warranty makes this CO2 a must have.

Features of the 24oz. CO2 Cylinder:
  • 800-1000 shots
  • Lightweight
  • Current hydro test date
  • 1 yr. no leak warranty

You must have an air tank for your paintball gun to work, so you might as well get one that will last. Cheap, low quality tanks will not only leave you stranded on the paintball field, but can even be dangerous! This 24oz. CO2 tank will keep you playing longer than any other CO2 tank made!

The 24oz. CO2 tank is made of sturdy aluminum and will yield over 800-1000 shots, depending on the gun type and various other factors (shooting style, elevation and other atmospheric conditions). This tank is lightweight, durable and has the highest quality valve and integrated safety burst disk.

This 24oz. CO2 Cylinder is excellent for a personal tank but sturdy enough to last as a rental if you own a field. It features a 1 year 'no leak' manufacturer's warranty and is made in the USA. It also has a current DOT hydro test date safety rating.

When you buy a 24oz. CO2 tank from ChoicePaintballGuns, you can be confident that you're getting the most quality product for the best deal. These tanks are shipped empty and can be sent anywhere in the world by mail.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Finally! something bigger than a 20oz. tank... thank you! It's a bit longer than the 20oz., otherwise similar dimensions. Still not big enough to throw off the balance too bad but getting there. I can see why they don't make them any bigger. Written by Lorenzo on Tue 20 Nov 2012 4:46:56 PM GMT
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