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Reusable M80 Sub Surface Landmine

Reusable M80 Sub Surface Landmine

Reusable M80 Sub Surface Landmine
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For the most realistic scenario play, use realistic devices and complex strategies to trap and eliminate your opponents. Paintball landmines are fantastic for setting up booby traps and add an exciting surprise element to any mission. Landmines are not only great as an alarm system, letting you know when the enemy is near but are also excellent for racking up multiple eliminations without even using your marker! Once your opponents think they’re standing in the middle of a paintball minefield, their movement becomes slower and more cautious, making them easier targets to hit.
While even just one paintball landmine has the potential for adding great excitement to your game, the most effective usage for scenario combat is to employ several. Creating a minefield or establishing a perimeter will require numerous mines. The problem with most paintball landmines is they are one use only; the havoc they create is very short lived. If you want to use disposable paintball landmines in more than one game, this scenario gear can get quite expensive.
The Reusable M80 Sub Surface Landmine can be re-loaded and used over and over again. It’s the perfect paintball landmine for any scenario combat strategy, whether you use one or plan to litter a field with them. The M80 Sub Surface paintball landmine is dark brown and easily concealed in dirt or brush; it’s also fairly small so burying can be done quickly and without too much trouble.

The Reusable M80 paintball landmine is a sub-surface pressure-release mine that will spray paint or smoke upward once stepped on. This landmine has the potential to cause much destruction to several opponents at once; it has an amazing 20 foot blast radius! The Reusable M80 Landmine uses patent pending technology that makes it inexpensive and super easy to operate. Beyond the realistic effect of the explosion & smoke; with the optional M80 Explosion Simulators, the mines actually make a very loud, suprising bang!

The power source of the Reusable M80 landmine is a standard 12 gram Co2 cartridge but it can also be charged with any size CO2 or hpa tank. Once emptied, simply refill with paint or smoke, then charge the mine up again with another CO2 cartridge and you're ready. The Reusable M80 sub surface landmine is non-pyrotechnic, field legal and only a fraction of the cost of other paintball landmines. Since this mine is refillable, it costs only pennies to keep it running over and over again. 

Buy the Reusable M80 sub surface paintball landmine from Choicepaintballguns for a discount price! We also carry all the necessary supplies you will need to use this great product to spice up your scenario combat even more; see the options below for chargers, paint, smoke or CO2 cartridges. We offer prompt, affordable shipping options and we process orders immediately; let us impress you with excellent customer service from checkout to delivery!

  • Completely reusable
  • Works with powder or paint
  • Compatible with CO2, N2 or compressed air
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Durable design
  • 15-20 ft. blast radius 

Order yours here at the best possible cheap discount online sales price with free shipping!

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