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Dye M3+ 2.0 Tournament Paintball Gun - Army

Dye M3+ 2.0 Tournament Paintball Gun - Army

Dye M3+ 2.0 Tournament Paintball Gun - Army
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The Dye M3+ Army is the latest flagship in a long line of winning Matrix models from one of paintball’s legendary names. Designed to power professional paintball teams like the Ironmen, the Russian Legion and Columbus LVL to victory at the highest levels of the game much like earlier Dye Matrix models were carried to a world championship in the hands of Baltimore Trauma, the Dye M3+ combines years of experience, innovative technology, incredible aesthetics and impressive features to create a world class electronic paintball gun like nothing else available!   

Literally packed with standard features that combine to put truly remarkable power in a serious paintball player’s hands, the Dye M3+ Army paintball gun is an amazing piece of paintball engineering. All the standard features players at the highest level have come to expect are all here, from a Dye Ultralite barrel that has long set the benchmark for lightweight, quiet, accuracy and a quick-release bolt for simple maintenance to an adjustable clamping feed neck, an adjustable double trigger, customizable electronic firing modes, a large color interface screen, a simple bottle adapter and a rechargeable battery.

As is the standard for the latest high-end tournament paintball guns, no external air lines are present on the M3+ ensuring a streamlined look and the elimination of blown or leaking air hoses. Thanks to the paintball gun’s Ultralite 45 frame, the M3+ sits low and comfortable in the hand and its Eye Pipe breech system helps ensure paintballs aren’t chopped even during sustained fire. High-tech features, years of technological innovation and lusciously carved and anodized aluminum combine on the Dye M3+ to create a truly top-level Dye paintball gun that looks and shoots like nothing else in the world!

  • Low pressure spool valve operation for quiet accuracy
  • Quick-release FL-21 bolt system for simple maintenance
  • Lockdown2 clamping feed neck for use with any high-end hopper
  • SLAP air bottle adapter makes air operation simple
  • Mag-Reach double trigger
  • Ultralite 45 grip frame for hours of comfortable shooting
  • Hyper6S Pro regulator for consistent accurate shooting
  • Gas through – no external air hoses or lines
  • Prism color user interface screen
  • Standard Dye Ultralite barrel for legendary accuracy
  • Numerous anodized colors and graphic anodizing options available
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Caliber: .68 caliber paintballs
  • Air Power Source: HPA High Pressure Compressed Air ONLY
  • Electronic Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
With Dye sticky grips and barely weighing 2 lbs., it's ridiculous how easy the Dye M3+ Tournament Paintball Marker is to wield in tight situations. Totally accurate and plenty of power, the word is out that this gun outperforms even the most advanced tournament style paintball guns from the best companies. 

Buy the Dye M3+ Army Tournament Paintball Marker from Choicepaintballguns for the best price and the easiest ordering process you will find. It's our mission to offer the best equipment for the lowest prices and provide the best customer service possible!


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