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Beginner Errors - Avoid The Pitfalls!

Beginners always make a few mistakes that everyone makes.  Here are a few helpful hints:

  • The very first rule is: never EVER take off your paintball mask!!!  A paintball at 280 feet per second could pop your eye out of your head.  Don't ever take your facial protection off, except in designated areas.
  • Make sure you understand your gun and its limitations, whether a rental or your own. Ask if you don't know.
  • Paintballs do not hurt when they hit. You won't even feel them till the day after. I have found that paintballs that hit you and don't break hurt a little more because they hit and bounce off.  When it does break it is in contact with you longer and is cushioned by your skin, fat, etc.
  • Wear darker clothes, don't wear white. White is just too bright, you will get killed. Try an awesome tactical paintball vest or maybe a chest protector.
  • Wear some type of boots or comfortable hiking/running shoes. You might even consider wearing cleates. They are comfortable, light, quick, and provide excellent traction in grass and mud. A lot of paintball players are using cleates these days.
  • Show up to the match prepared with the proper and the right amount of paintball gear. Make sure you've got enough paintballs (or brought enough money to the field to buy the right amount). Bring a tool kit, spare parts, extra CO2 and even an extra paintball gun as a backup in case of severe technical problems with your main.
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