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Gift Certificates

Spyder paintball guns are simply constructed, sturdy and easy to maintain.  They make great beginner paintball markers because of their reliability - these guns hardly ever breakdown!  In all the years we ( have been selling markers, we have only had one Spyder paintball gun breakdown.  This was a marker called the VS2 and it is no longer produced.

As far as their current markers go, the Pilot, Electra, Sonix and Victor - all reasonably priced and breakdowns are rare.  The same can be said for Kingman's tactical series, MR1, EMR1 and new MR4.  Fortunately, Spyder is a great company and has been around for a long time.  They have excellent customer service and are easy to get hold of in case there's trouble.  All Spyder markers have a 1 year warranty and Spyder is quick to respond with either fixing what's wrong or replacing with a brand new gun.

If you ever have a problem with a Spyder marker, your fastest answer will come from dealing with Spyder directly (even though you bought your gun from one of their dealers - like  For questions, talk to Spyder's tech. department... (888)KINGMAN or (888)546-4626.  If you need repairs on your Spyder and it's still under warranty, send it to:
Spyder Tech Dept.
14010 Live Oak Ave.
Baldwin Park, CA. 91706

When sending in a return, don't forget to include a copy of the receipt of purchase and a letter detailing what's wrong with the gun and including a return address to send it back to.

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