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  1. What most people don't know about CO2 is that it can exist as a liquid and a gas.  Sometimes, it exists as a combination of both while in your tank.  If liquid CO2 drips into your paintball marker, it can cause problems.  It will cause unpredictable spikes in velocity causing your shots to be inconsistent; some balls will lob, some fall short and some normal.  Sometimes liquid CO2 can even cause damage to the o-rings in your gun.

  2. When people ask us what the most reliable brand of paintball gun is, we tell them Tippmann.  All of their guns, custom 98, A5, X7, Phenom, US Army series, and TPX pistol are terrific as far as rarely needing emergency care.  Tippmann markers will often last as long as a player’s craving for paintball does – as long as regular cleaning and maintenance continues.

    If you use your marker every week, cleaning after each use is a must but schedule a more thorough “take apart” cleaning and lube job once a month.

  3. Overall, MilSig produces excellent quality paintball guns.  Their markers are also probably the most realistic magazine-fed guns on the tactical scene.  Problems with MilSig markers are rare but do happen occasionally.  The problem with MilSig is not their guns; it's their company and lack of customer service.

    Milsig is located in Canada; this is why it can take up to 3+ weeks to get one of their markers (or anything that comes from their company).

  4. Spyder paintball guns are simply constructed, sturdy and easy to maintain.  They make great beginner paintball markers because of their reliability - these guns hardly ever breakdown!  In all the years we ( have been selling markers, we have only had one Spyder paintball gun breakdown.  This was a marker called the VS2 and it is no longer produced.

    As far as their current markers go, the Pilot, Electra, Sonix and Victor - all reasonably priced and breakdowns are rare.

  5. The great thing about Real Action Marker guns is they are sturdy, well put together and hardly ever break down!  RAM produces everyone's favorite .43 caliber tactical pistols, the P99, RAMX50 and Combat Pistol.  They also make the realistic AK47 series RAM47 and RAM74 as well as a killer .68 shotgun, the RAM68-16.

    As a store that sells many of these paintball markers (ChoicePaintballGuns.

  6. If you used to rely on Wal-Mart to get your CO2 tanks re-filled, you've most likely already discovered they've quit offering this service. In fact, the word is they're going to stop selling paintball equipment altogether. So you might become stuck without a place to re-fill your air tanks; don't worry! Consider this short list of possible places for re-fills...

    Paintball Stores.

  7. The expenses of paintball can add up quickly!  Constantly re-filling air tanks, paintballs, paintball field/park fees make regular paintballing a bit expensive at times.  CO2 tank O-rings are an essential piece of gear; without them, there is no seal between your tank and paintball gun and air will leak from your tank.  If you aren't careful, you can go through o-rings like candy and this can add up expenses over time.  O-rings are generally not expensive but if you have to go through a lot of them, it can add up to a lot of money if you play a lot.

  8. Many paintballers hang up their gear for the winter, but some of the more hardcore fans play all year long.  Playing in the cold, however will require you to use certain paintball equipment.  CO2 tanks tend to freeze up after shooting your marker repetitively; this causes inconsistencies in the temperature of the gas, making your paintball gun’s shooting less reliable.

  9. The problem with CO2 is it can convert from gas to liquid and visa versa very easily; this is a problem for paintball players and their equipment.  CO2 is very sensitive to temperature changes.  When rapid shooting, it’s common for CO2 tanks to ‘freeze up’.  Next you will notice the velocity of your shots drop off and starts becoming inconsistent.

  10. If your paintball marker chops your paintballs, stop what you are doing right away and clean it out.  Clean your gun thoroughly where the ball broke.  Clean the bolt, bolt face and the marker barrel.  Make sure to clean out all of the paint as well as the film, shell bits, and any other debris that does not belong there.  If you continue to chop paintballs, take the gun apart and check for damage.

  11. Over the past few months, feedback regarding the new TPX Pistol has been overwhelmingly positive.  This new .68 caliber paintball pistol has generated a tremendous amount of interest and excitement among paintballers around the globe.  However, a recent issue regarding the pistol has surfaced....

    It appears the dimensions for disposable 12g CO2 cartridges vary far beyond Tippmann's initial testing and have resulted in some cartridges not puncturing.

  12. CO2 Vs. N2

    What is the difference between C02 and N2?  One very important difference is the lack for the need of an expansion chamber on your paintball gun or CO2 bottle.

  13. Get More Out of Your CO2 Tanks!
    It's a good idea to freeze your CO2 tanks before re-filling.  If you don't, the tank won't get completely full.  That was a problem we we're having for a long time before we figured it out.  We thought at first that there was something wrong with the tanks, but now since we know this maybe the tanks will get completely full instead of just half.
  14. Great Goggle Advice

    If you cannot see, you are no help to your team and you are endangering yourself.  I would take being able to see and a single shot pump-action paintball gun over the best paintball marker you can buy and fogged lenses (any day!!).  So, when you buy your paintball goggles, don't skimp.  Get the thermal ones with a good field of view (if you already own goggles, go back and buy the thermal lenses for them).

  15. Hot Weather Paintball Storage

    In the heat of the summer, barrel breakage is rare.  Breakage on target could also be a problem as paintballs get soft from the heat and humidity.  So now we must keep the paint dry and cool.  Room air conditioning may be good enough for the player but air conditioned air still contains 70 to 80% relative humidity.  Keep the bags closed tight!  If you begin to get a lot of bouncers, chill the paint in the refrigerator (not the freezer!) for 30 to 60 minutes - NO LONGER!  The air in the refrigerator is cool and dry and will condition the paint for use on the field.

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