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Over the past few months, feedback regarding the new TPX Pistol has been overwhelmingly positive.  This new .68 caliber paintball pistol has generated a tremendous amount of interest and excitement among paintballers around the globe.  However, a recent issue regarding the pistol has surfaced....

It appears the dimensions for disposable 12g CO2 cartridges vary far beyond Tippmann's initial testing and have resulted in some cartridges not puncturing.  Although they tested numerous brands, they have discovered that certain types of cartridges may not puncture on the first pull.  If you have noticed this issue with your TPX Pistol, please call Tippmann at 1-800-533-4831 or visit (click on the CO2 Upgrade Kit link and simply complete the appropriate TPX form with your serial number.  Tippmann will send you a free CO2 Upgrade Kit including a new cap with an adjustable set screw that adjusts for various CO2 cartridge sizes, as well as a new, easy-to-install pin assembly.

If you have experienced any other issues, whether it's velocity, efficiency, or paint breakage related, we encourage you to visit Tippmann's new TPX Tech Support program on their website to learn more about troubleshooting, installation and maintenance of your TPX pistol.  There are also some helpful tips on how to correctly pick paint and properly load a magazine.  And if you can't find what you're looking for in the videos, you may always contact their Tech Service Team at 1-800-533-4831, or 1-260-749-6022.

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