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The great thing about Real Action Marker guns is they are sturdy, well put together and hardly ever break down!  RAM produces everyone's favorite .43 caliber tactical pistols, the P99, RAMX50 and Combat Pistol.  They also make the realistic AK47 series RAM47 and RAM74 as well as a killer .68 shotgun, the RAM68-16.

As a store that sells many of these paintball markers (, we can honestly say we have very few service calls on these guns; we have never had a return on any RAM rifle (RAM74, 47 or Shotgun).  There have been few occasions when a customer had to deal with small CO2 leaks in one fo the RAM pistols, however this is rare.

The Real Action Marker pistols come wiht a small amount of gun oil.  Part of the way you care for these markers is by putting a drop of oil on the o-ring that forms a seal around the CO2 cartridge.  This is done to maximize the air seal and keep this important o-ring from becoming dry.  You should do this every time you put in a new cartridge for at least the first 10 times you use this gun.  Most air leaks associated with the RAM pistols can generally be remedied by the above procedure.

On the rare occasion the above solution doesn't fix the air leak, RAM guns have a 1 year warranty.  This company is pretty good about either fixing what's wrong or sending you a new one lickity-split.  If you have bought a RAM paintball gun from and have to return it, first email us about what's wrong and wait for our response.  If you have to send it back, send it to:, 220 E. Valley st., Abingdon, VA. 24210.

Please keep in mind, we are not a repair shop, however we will be the ones who will send you either the fixed or new gun.  For technical questions or problem solving with RAM guns, you can contact their service department and speak with them directly at: (479)646-4210.

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