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When people ask us what the most reliable brand of paintball gun is, we tell them Tippmann.  All of their guns, custom 98, A5, X7, Phenom, US Army series, and TPX pistol are terrific as far as rarely needing emergency care.  Tippmann markers will often last as long as a player’s craving for paintball does – as long as regular cleaning and maintenance continues.

If you use your marker every week, cleaning after each use is a must but schedule a more thorough “take apart” cleaning and lube job once a month.  This is when you oil/replace any o-rings that may need it.  For this reason it’s smart to also have the Tippmann general maintenance kit.  This includes all tools, parts, and o – rings needed to properly service all Tippmann markers.

If you do have to send your Tippmann paintball gun in for service/repair, you’re in luck.  Tippmann is a solid company with top notch customer service and great warrantys on all their products.  You must send your marker to the correct place however.  If you have a base model tippmann (with no accessories or modifications on it), your best bet is to send it directly to Tippmann for servicing; send it to:

Most of our Tippmann paintball gun packages are drop shipped directly from RAP4.  If this was the case with yours, return your marker to:
Tippmann Sports, LLC

2955 Adams Center Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46803
United States
Phone: 260-749-6022

If you bought a Tippmann paintball gun package (Tippmann marker and modifications, for example Tippmann98 Sniper paintball gun), send the gun back to whoever originially mailed you the gun.  If you are unsure, contact us at and we can tell you.  If we sent you the original package, returns would be sent to us at:
220 E. Valley st.
Abingdon, VA. 24210
Phone: 866-708-8453

Most of our Tippmann paintball gun packages are drop shipped directly from RAP4.  If this was the case with yours, return your marker to:
Real Action Paintball Inc.
2215 Ringwood Ave
San Jose, CA 95131, USA
Phone: (408) 434-0434
However, contact us first as you will need an RMA number in order to make your return.



  1. Jon Hughes on July 25, 2010 at 1:00 PM said:
    I have a problem with CO2 leaking out of the gun. I have a Pure Energy Vertical Regulator on my gun, and when I attach my Co2 tank, it just flows out the bottom of the regulator. I also have an electric trigger, so i was wondering if this is a problem with the regulator, or the trigger. The reason I wonder if it is with the trigger, is because i'm not sure if the co2 is supposed to always be flowing to the regulator, shouldnt it only flow there when the trigger is pulled and only excess co2 released from the regulator? So could it be a problem with the trigger or the mechanism that holds the air back, until the trigger is pulled?
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