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Overall, MilSig produces excellent quality paintball guns.  Their markers are also probably the most realistic magazine-fed guns on the tactical scene.  Problems with MilSig markers are rare but do happen occasionally.  The problem with MilSig is not their guns; it's their company and lack of customer service.

Milsig is located in Canada; this is why it can take up to 3+ weeks to get one of their markers (or anything that comes from their company).  On occasion, we have asked them to drop ship products to Canadian customers to avoid having to ship through customs but they have refused... Canadian customers beware!  Because of their 'no drop ship' policy, Canadian customers will have to wait for their order to pass through customs twice (once when the gun comes to us from MilSig, twice when we send it back to Canada)!

Waiting for your gun is half the battle; God forbid if something ever happens to your MilSig marker.  Their paintball markers have a 1 year warranty, but good luck getting hold of them.  MilSig has terrible customer service; they rarely answer their phone and virtually never return messages or emails.  The few times we've had to deal with them for a return was a nightmare, let alone getting them to give you an update on a backorder - which there are frequently.  These complaints are common with this company and we have also heard them from numerous other customers and dealers.

If you have to contact MilSig, their number is: 877-764-5744.  Their address is:
MILSIG Paintball Canada Ltd.
#220 12511 Vulcan Way
Richmond, B.C.
V6V 1J7
However, it is highly recommended you contact them first before sending anything to their store and good luck!  If you're having a problem with one of their products (and you bought it through us), we will be glad to try to help you, however we can't garuantee any better luck dealing with them as we have many ongoing problems with this situation.

Overall however, MilSig paintball guns are for the most part sturdy, reliable products  with very few problems.  If it wasn't for this fact, we would've stopped selling them in store a long time ago.  Before purchasing a MilSig marker, know going into it that there will probably be a wait to get it and expect a hassle IF something goes wrong (which it probably won't).  Fortunately, most of our MilSig marker customers are very satisfied with their guns and never have to worry about any of this.  But we caution potential buyers that they had really be in love with a MilSig gun to make the potential headaches worth it. 

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