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Great Goggle Advice

If you cannot see, you are no help to your team and you are endangering yourself.  I would take being able to see and a single shot pump-action paintball gun over the best paintball marker you can buy and fogged lenses (any day!!).  So, when you buy your paintball goggles, don't skimp.  Get the thermal ones with a good field of view (if you already own goggles, go back and buy the thermal lenses for them).  If you can, get a fan.  You will never regret the purchase.  One last piece of paintball goggle advise.  Don't ever wipe paint off your goggles!!  Paintball paint is really sticky.  More times than not as you walk off the field, stuff will get in the paint.  If you wipe it off, you could scratch the lens with the stuff that got stuck in the paint.  Remember, you have thermal lenses, you paid good money so you could see, don't blow it now.  Here's another good tip.... get a spray bottle, fill it with water (just water) and throw it in your paintball gear bag.  When you need to clean your goggles, spray all the yuck off and then dry them.  You will have clean lenses and they will last a lot longer.  You can also purchase certain sprays/cleaners specifically for cleaning paintball masks that will help polish the lenses and also help with anti-fogging; Sal Clear Anti-Fog Spray is good for this.  Check out the Tippmann Ranger Performance Goggle or the Hawkeye Goggles from RAP4 for a couple of good ones.  You can also buy the Hawkeye goggles with a tactical helmet if you want.

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