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What kind of injuries have you had from paintball?
I got hurt when I was playing paintball for the first time - we were playing scenario paintball in the woods and I tripped over a vine and scraped my legs and hands a little. Another injury I had is when I ran straight into a thorn bush; sometimes the natural 'bunkers' outside can be kind of dangerous!  One day we were playing and I got shot in the face mask; my nose started bleeding a little, but not too bad.  But this goes to show you how important your face mask is.  If I wasn't wearing it when I got hit, my nose would've surely been broken; who knows what would've happened to my eyes from the paint splatter too.  Overall though, these are the worst of what I've had from playing paintball.... not too bad.  One way to avoid these kinds of injuries is to look very carefully on where you're running - especially when playing woodsball.  In woodsball, the unpredictable terrain is part of the fun but it can also get you injured if you're not careful!  Another way to avoid injuries is to wear the proper gear.  The face mask/paintball goggles are a must, but you can also protect yourself with body armor, paintball gloves, helmet, padded jersey, shin guards and even a groin protector; getting hit in the sac is NO fun!  Also consider elbow and knee pads (in tactical and speedball) to protect yourself when sliding, landing and falling.

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