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Is paintball more of a sport for guys than it is for girls?
I think not.  I'm very much the girly girl type.  I learned of paintball through a friend at first, but then my sisters’ boyfriend was on a team and talked about it non-stop. I met the captain of the team and I decided to give it a try.  My first time playing I was kind of scared, you know all the rumors that getting shot with a paintball hurt.  Well at first it does but then it's like you don't even feel it anymore, so if anyone (girl or boy) can get passed that then both are made for the game.  Learning that more and more females are starting to play the sport keeps me motivated to try and be better than the guys, and playing on a team with 9 guys gives me more of an opportunity to do so.  You can also get protective equipment like body armor or even a tactical paintball vest.  I wear a mask of course but I don't even wear any of the other stuff.  If I was going to get any other protective paintball equipment, I would buy if from; they sponsor our team.  I think if a girly-girl like me can take the pain of getting shot with a paintball, anyone can..... making this a sport for both girls and guys.
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