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Gift Certificates

In woods ball, equipment can become expensive, and most of it is vital to you and your chance of winning. If you get completely outfitted with everything you want, it’s easy to spend a small mint on the just the basic gear. Sometimes you can save money by borrowing equipment from other sports and hobbies, that with a few minor modifications, can save you quite bit of money. Camouflage clothing from hunting or other hobbies can save you money because you no longer have to spend oodles of money trying to blend in. also vests can be borrowed from hunting, packs that hold bullets and hunting materials can now hold your marker and paintballs. Also anything that is a container that you can wear comfortably is great for paintball! Those old cleats that you no longer wear due to the new ones you got now can be great cleats for woods ball, giving you great traction in even the slipperiest environments. Or the old back pack you got that has a rip or the zipper doesn’t work right, you got a new woods ball backpack! Recycling your old things is a great way to step up your game on the field. 
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