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My favorite paintball rifle of all time is the K-Series Elite Marksman HP Custom; the love I have for this gun is surreal.  This is the perfect long range marker for games like woodsball.  It’s also an excellent weapon for a back man who transitions to front man.  It’s also great for a middleman who may have to move up or back depending on where he’s needed.  The Elite Marksman HP Custom is great for short or long distance shooting.  This marker also offers awesome extras like a 552 Holosight, aluminum slanted scope mount, camouflage barrel cover, and much more.  If you like your equipment to be as realistic as possible, this is a perfect gun for you; it resembles all the features of a light machine gun.  This marker performs like that to; its range stretches over a hundred yards easily, excellent for covering your teammates when storming bunkers.

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