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Wanna Play Sniper?

What is a paintball sniper?  Many people say sniping is a "bad idea," because it is an easy way to get yourself out.  But it's not.  Lets assume you are at a big, 24-hour game or a small woods game, since sniping doesn't work in a speed-course or any other fast-paced speed game.  A game that is played in a large area in the woods and is continuous for some time is the perfect element for a sniper.  A paintball sniper, therefore, is someone who supports his/her team by delivering precise long-range hits on selected targets.  By doing this he/she takes out opposing team members, which also keeps them off-balance by adding and element of confusion to their tactics.  There are risks in sniping.  The one criticism that is correct about sniping is vulnerability when working by yourself.  The simple way to avoid this, if you are spotted or miss with the first few shots, is to retreat quickly and relocate to a different position.  Chances are, they are not going to pursue back into your territory.  The other big problem is that of friendly fire.  There have been a couple of times where my team has shot me in the back, but it does happen.  So, I recommend that you tell your team the basic area you will be located.  Sometimes you may not be able to follow your own plan, therefore you should just take a chance.  Anyway, your team should know or you should tell them not to shot anything they are unsure of.  This will help prevent them from accidentally shooting you or other members of your team.  Of course you will want the right equipment... Paintball marker with lengthy (18+ inches) barrel, paintball sniper scope, a solid bipod, maybe a ghillie suit and plenty of paintballs!

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