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How To Slide Properly
Sliding.  Believe it or not, there's actually and right and a wrong to way to slide; here are some tips on sliding.....
When in a match, both speedball or woodsball, a very important move is the slide.  There are many different ways to do it and many times/opportunities to do it.  First is the Baseball Slide - this is a 'leg-first' slide in which you form a 4 with you legs and slide into a cover/behind a
bunker.  Another is the Knee Slide.  This is when you slide on both knees into a cover; it is not as fast as the baseball slide, but you can effectively shoot while sliding in this manner.  Finally (and my favorite), is the good old, go-for-broke Superman Slide.  This one is the obvious head first slide.  It is not like in baseball though, where you use your chest, here you slide on your forearms.  Do it this way to protect your paintball gun from breaking or getting messed up.  Also, wearing protectice equipment like body armor, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves make it hurt less to slide; so when wearing them you will put more into your sliding because you're not afraid it's going to hurt.  Slides are sometimes a risky move, but if mastered, an advanced, extremely effective technique to add to your arsenal.
Matt Kresch Team Trinity

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