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Keep Your Paintballs On The Field
Your only supposed to shoot paintballs on the field and not bring it on the street.  Most towns and cities have laws against shooting paintballs within the town/city limits.  It is against the law to shoot any kind of street signs, businesses or anything else within your town's limits unless it's a designated area (like an indoor or outdoor field).  Take it from me, if you shoot up a building or something, the cops are going straight to the paintball teams.  In a small town, the paintballers aren't hard to find either.  In most cases, the tactical paintball guns look so real nowadays, you can't even carry one unless it's in a marker bag.  Another thing that you can not do off the field is shoot people.  I had that experience once in my life and I don't think the people who shot me were to happy when the cops took them to jail.
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