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Before starting a game, strategize with your team to decide on who's going to go where and how you're going to move on the paintball field as a team.  Practice these maneuvers regularly so your movements are almost automatic. It's also a good idea to practice vocal commands and hand signal communications as part of your strategic movement on the paintball field. It's super important to make sure you know where everyone else on your team is going and where they're at. Make sure all parts of the field are covered. If one spot is open, that gives the other team a great advantage right from the start. Also, make sure you can get to good cover where you can fire shots, but still be protected. Make sure you don't over populate an area; if you have three guys behind a one man bunker, you give the other team a great opportunity to get quick outs, so spread out. Finally, KEEP MOVING; if you don't, the other team can quickly move up and surround you. Try not to stay in one spot for too long and remember to keep moving forward unless you're making lateral moves to flank your opponent. 
Mike Morton, Team Trinity
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