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Spherical Glory just finished their first practice/tryout as a team and I'm glad to say, things are looking good.  We would still like to find about four more players before we begin entering 7 man events but with a start up crew like this it will be hard to go wrong. We've got Mike Koehnke, team captain and the clear leader of the group.  Mike is going to be playing snake and snake side mid for Spherical Glory in the following spring season as we would like to take advantage of his speed and agility.  He’s using a DLX Luxe marker but his favorite is the Invert Mini.  Kyle Marcure will be playing back for us...Kyle shoots ALOT, and very fast – excellent for cover fire; this guy always has your back.  We also recruited Scott Peets. A very dynamic player that will fit into any scheme we try to run.  He can play anywhere on the field and has more experience than most of us.  In his late 20's, he fought against some of New England's best teams, AND traveled to compete at Huntington Beach, CA.  Scott is just the veteran player that we need for a successful team; he's not afraid to get shot and can throw a lane like no other.  Finishing up the base of the team we have Cody West, this kid can't sit still behind the bunker; always moving, always shooting... subtlety isn't his thing.
Cody West - Spherical Glory
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