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Newbies... Don't Make These Mistakes!

Try to avoid the typical rookie mistakes.  When moving through open ground with no cover, have someone on your team give you cover fire.  Move quickly, and never stop in the open.  Try to run a zig-zag pattern.  Scan ahead for a bunker or suitable cover that will hide your whole body.  When you get good cover, look around, and when you are prepared to give cover fire, have your teammates advance in leap-frog fashion.  Rookies usually stay in one place too long.  If you stay put too long, the other team will find you and shoot you.  Do not let your fear of being shot for the first time make you play too cautiously.  If you have a fear of being shot, you need to force yourself to be aggressive.  Usually after the first couple of times the fear of getting hit leaves you.  Another good habit to develop is to check behind your back every so often.  It will prevent your getting shot in the back and allows you to keep tabs on your teammates' locations.  Try to buddy up with at least one other player so you can cover each other while changing CO2 or loading paintballs.  Load your paintball gun with paintballs or CO2 anytime you have a chance just to keep your paintball marker as full as possible.  If you feel you have time and there is any doubt about the amount of CO2 you have, change it.  Try to carry more paintballs and CO2 than you will need so you don't run out during a fire-fight.

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