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My teammate Matt Kresch and I just went to a local field this past weekend and had a great time. We found out that on the paintball field, our team was stronger when Matt and I stuck together.  It seemed like the Teamwork we practiced could overcome any opposing team we encountered.  No matter how good of a team we were facing, as long as we worked togther, no one could beat us!  We also learned that when you are waiting to play another game, do not wait on the field; stay in a netted area until the game is over.  When we didn't do this, we were hit by so many stray paintballs, it was out of control.  In my opinion, getting hit by a stray paintball is worse that getting hit by one in the game, because you're never ready for one to hit you when you're on the sidelines.  I'm sure most players know this also, but keep your mask on even after you get hit and are walking of the field.  I saw so many people, getting hit and then taking their mask off.  I thought, "ARE THEY OUT OF THEIR MINDS?".  Safety is number one on the field, so be careful at all times, and don't do anything stupid.  Overall, we had a great day and learned a lot.  We worked on talking to each other the whole game, letting each other know where the other team was located.  We found out quickly... it helps your teammates, when you tell them where the other team's players are on the field!
Mike Morton, Team Trinity
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