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Scenario or Speedball?

I play and compete in both Scenario and Speedball.  If I had to choose between the two or answer the question, 'which do you like better?'  The style of game I would choose is scenario paintball.  I like playing in the woods and running around, using natural things like trees, bushes and hills for cover.  I like it because it's like the real thing; it's like I'm in the military in a real mission.  You also get to play in the woods or in an abandoned town; some paintball fields have awesome bunkers and towns set up to make your fighting more realistic.  These are just awesome and it makes it so you want to play all day and keep coming back to that paintball field.  When the bunkers/environment are realistic, it's like you're really playing in a war or something.  In Scenario paintball, you don't have to move as quickly as you do in speedball.  This means you can carry a lot more gear.  You can have extra and more air tanks in scenario paintball; the gear you can carry and use is much, much more awesome too.  The military style replica paintball markers, like the T68 or maybe even a sniper paintball gun make the game a lot more realistic.  It's fun to get upgrades and kits for your tactical paintball gun too; you can get a longer barrel or add a paintball gun scope and make your marker look and act completely different.  It's also fun to sneak around the other team and shoot at them from behind; I like to try and flank my opponents and hope you don't get spotted.  I even like to play the sniper position when I get the chance.

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