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As the Team Captain of a successful competitive Division 1 Paintball Team, what kind of paintball equipment do you own; what's your favorite paintball gear?
Well, I've been playing paintball for a long time and have built up a pretty good amount of stuff; some of it I've used up and gotten rid of and the rest of what I hold onto and use now is my favorite.  They keep coming out with new, more awesome stuff, so it's hard to say exactly, but right now my favorite paintball equipment consists of 5 paintball guns, a pod harness, 2 different masks, 2 Jerseys, about 12 CO2 tanks and a Paintball RPG.  
I like my Tippmann A-5 Custom M-16 the best right now; I've equipped it with a 22 inch barrel because I like to play sniper and also back field.  The accuracy of this gun is awesome; I can shoot totally far, it's super quiet and right on the money if you're in my sights.  My pod harness holds 4 x 140 round pods (so I can carry roughly 560 paintballs); I love it - I never run out of paintballs during a game.  I wear different paintball masks depending on what type of game I'm playing.  I have a practice jersey from EVIL and a tournament jersey that I only wear to tournaments with my team.  This is our jersey we got from (one of our favorite sponsors!).  I also have a lot of CO2 tanks of various different sizes.  CO2 is OK to shoot but I'm wanting to switch to  compressed air; I don't know why but I just haven't made the switch yet.  I also want to buy a pistol; I'm thinking of either the new Tippmann TPX or maybe a Tiberius T8.1.  I want it to shoot .68 caliber paintballs though.  Our team used to only compete in speedball but we've started competing in scenario paintball tournaments in just the last couple years, so I'm still building up my tactical paintball equipment collection.
Travis S.  - Midwest Assassins Division 1 Paintball Team Captain.

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