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Disperse Your Group!

Disperse your team.  This is the human equivalent of the "herd instinct" you see African plains grazers display on nature documentaries.  Lions circle a herd of gazelle.  The gazelle clump together for protection. The lions pick off the weakest.  In paintball you shouldn't think with "prey" mentality.  Think with "predator" mentality.  Watch any third rate war movie and you'll find a stereotypical sergeant screaming for his men to "SPREAD OUT!"  The theory is easy to comprehend- if you are all clumped together you make one large target.  If you are spread out you make many little targets- much harder to keep track of and eliminate.  To properly disperse you must form a skirmish line stretching from border to border.  Your line might zig or zag a little as opportunity for cover and advancement vary- but overall you must strive to maintain a line.  This line is important is because it will protect your most vulnerable areas- the flanks.  When the match starts, DEPLOY RAPIDLY.  In order to be able to retreat you must have land at your back to retreat into.  A winning team runs into the field, gobbling up as much real estate as they can while it's free. A losing team leisurely walks towards their opponents when the game begins. These players are going to have to purchase territory at a very expensive price in men, CO2, and paintballs. It's common sense to get there first with the most players and let your opponents try to evict you.

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