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For some people, assembling a paintball team is a hard thing to do.  When I first started playing, all of my friends were a lot better than me and none of them really wanted me to be on their team.  I have to admit, back then I probably wouldn’t have of wanted me on my team either; my skills were pretty poor.  For me, finding a team took a lot more than just asking around.  It took getting my name out there with consistent great performances on the field; it took some determination and a lot of practice. 

After playing for about a year I finally felt like I was good enough to be on a team and wanted to join one.  This posed another problem; many of my friends enjoyed just playing on the weekends and not competing or trying to win tournaments.  I knew there would be regular practice and that I had to be with a group of guys who took every part of it fairly seriously – including practicing all the time.   

One day, the local paintball store gave me a call and told me someone is looking for an extra player for their team to play in a tournament.  I immediately called and took the spot.  The tournament was the very next day and I was ready to play so I packed up my gear and went out to the field.  I played as hard as possible in the tournament; we did pretty well but didn’t make it into the finals.  I learned a lot about the basics of playing in a tournament and that communication on the field is everything. 

After playing in that tournament, I was hooked.  I rounded up some people at my school and we went to the next three-man tournament in the beginner division.  One of the other teams in the tournament were some people from our school; also in the beginner division also.  Our team was close to making it to finals and we were happy with our performance.  Afterwards, we decided we wanted to start playing five man paintball so we asked the other three man team if they would want to combine with us; now we have a huge squad... and we're sponsored by!
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