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There are many modifications that are available for all marker models in paintball.  Many of these modifications will improve the performance of your gun, while some are simply for cosmetic purposes.  There are some pieces for guns however that play the role of both.  One of these in particular are buttstocks.  There are many reasons why players equip their markers with buttstocks.  The primary reason is functional; these parts can definitely help bring more balance to the weight of the gun, not to mention significantly increasing accuracy by offering a place to stabilize against your shoulder or cheek while shooting.  Although this enhances the gun’s accuracy, it also adds a bit more weight to the gun, which is why most speedballers do not use buttstocks.  These modifications are best used on tactical paintball rifles in scenario games.  Don’t forget about looks though!  Buttstocks add a fierce tactical look to any paintball marker, whether it’s a Tippmann A5 or Spyder Pilot; adding to the physical image of your gun is always a blast.

Nowadays, there are actually some stocks that are designed to fit an internal Co2 tank inside them.  These tactical buttstocks are commonly recognized as the “Flex-Air” system.  These ingenious gun stocks were first made available from RAP4 for their signature T68 series tactical paintball gun.  This company has made a huge name for itself in the paintball industry by creating much new, innovative tactical gear and modifications for scenario paintball guns.  Fortunately, as time went on, RAP4 began producing Flexi-Air buttstock systems to fit most other paintball markers.  Now there are Flexi-Air (tank in the buttstock) systems available for all the Tippmann guns (except the US Army Series), Spyder, BT, Tiberius Arms and MilSig. 

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