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For some, woodsball is the ultimate simulation, while others see it as an unofficial game.  If your thinking about playing or even investing in woodsball paintball equipment, here are some things you should know about the game.  1) Woodsball takes guts.  It's not for the faint of heart. The forest isn’t full of woodland creatures that are going to aid you on your way; it’s full of dangers from bugs to snakes.  2) Don’t be afraid of dirt. If you just bought a brand new marker and are going to play woodsball, don’t expect it to come back as pretty and shiny as it was before the game started.  When the heat is on, this game is fast; don’t be scared to hit the deck with all you've got when 5 opponents figure out your location!

3) You've got to be tough; "Oh no Jimmy scratched his arm, stop playing."  Sometimes a scenario woodsball game can last for 8-12 hours or even several days!  This game can also be extremely active so you can expect getting a little beat up.  Woodsball is a rough and tumble game where being able to withstand a certain level amount of pain is normal.  4) If you love simulating military procedures, you’ll love playing woodsball.  5) Woodsball is not as flashy as competition speedball matches.  Woodsball is definitely a slower game comparatively; a player may sit 20 minutes before someone walks by to begin a fire fight or cause an assassination.  In this game you have to make every shot count due to the fact that the game may last the rest of the day.  

6) Use comfortable equipment.  Speedball matches are so short, you can live with an itchy mask or a rock in your shoe.  In woodsball, an itchy paintball mask can have you distracted, or the rock in your shoe can end up in a blister; make sure that your equipment is fitted properly and comfortable before embarking on a mission.  Just because it looks cool doesn’t mean that it’s comfortable. So before you buy the super sniper scenario pack, think about it, is woods ball right for you?

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