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Paintball guns are used for more than just playing paintball!  
There are several different types of rounds/projectiles you can shoot out of a paintball marker and depending on what type you load will determine what you're going to be shooting.  For example, you can get clear paintballs (that have no color) that most people use to shoot at stray cats, raccoons, ground hogs, possums or any other varmints sneaking around your property.  Clear paintball rounds are very effective for varmint control - and also a lot of fun!  You can also get rubber balls that will fit inside paintball guns.  These are generally used for target practice as they are re-useable but sometimes used by law enforcement for crowd control.  Warning - getting shot with a paintball stings pretty bad, however getting hit with a solid ball hurts much worse and will definitely leave a mark, but will not break the skin.  Law enforcement also use 'pepperballs' for crowd control; these are paintballs filled with pepperspray and will cause the same nasty effects as getting sprayed if hit anywhere in the upper torso.  These, however are mostly not available to the general public.  Hollywood also uses paintball guns with rounds filled with inert powder, called powderballs.  These are used for action scenes to simulate the small spray bullets give off when they hit something.
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