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Wear The Right Gear!
Wearing the right gear is very important on the
paintball field. Paintball is definitely more fun when you're prepared properly before playing. When buying gear, you need to pick out what is right specifically for you and your style of play; everything should be to your needs, not what a store employee thinks you should buy. The most important thing to buy (other than your paintball gun) is a protective mask. You need a paintball mask that covers your whole face, including the sides. A good mask will provide some coverage for your neck. The worst place to get hit is the neck and ears; if your mask doesn't cover your face correctly these can be touchy areas to take a paintball. Never buy a mask just because it looks cool; make sure it fits properly and will withstand the style and punishment of how you play. Safety is the number one factor when choosing your gear, so make sure your mask will protect your face, and if you're looking to protect your whole head, you can look into a full head mask; I recommend the Hawkeye paintball mask and tactical helmet sold at; they have a huge selection of protective gear, paintball masks and paintball guns at great prices.
Mike Morton, Team Trinity  
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