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Paintball Barrels - Need To Know Info

There are two different types of barrels: stainless steel and aluminum.  The Stainless Steel paintball barrel has low friction with the paintball, is very durable and requires no regular maintenance.  It's a bit more expensive but overall it's a better buy.  The aluminum paintball barrel is very light weight and inexpensive because it is easy to manufacture.  The best kind of paintball gun barrel is the two piece barrel.  These combine the best of both worlds - these have both stainless steel base and an alumimun tip. When choosing a good paintball gun barrel, you also must think about the length. Longer barrels add more range and accuracy to your gun. Sometimes different brands of paintballs can also affect the performance or your barrel.  I have seen bags of fresh paintballs contain balls that Span 3 different bore sizes (in the same bag of paintballs!). Overall though, we're really splitting hairs, one barrel isnt necessarily better than another. Just like buying a paintball marker, you need to find a barrel that fits your playing style and budget.  But the carbon fiber barrels are just plain awesome though - light weight, accuracy is fantastic, and it will fit just about any size paintball and any paintball marker.

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