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Scenario or Speedball Competition?
This is a good question, because I really like both; but if I had to choose one over the other I guess I would choose Scenario.  I like Scenario play because you have to take your time and look for people; you have to hunt them.   I also like that the games are quite a bit longer; they usually take like 30mins or so.  Plus, you're in the woods so you have to be quiet and sneaky; you get to pretend like you're really in a military-type battle.  When we're hunting our opponents, sometimes we split up and sometimes we move as a unit.  With the natural setting, your 'bunkers' are trees, hills, bushes, stumps, rocks or anything you can hide behind.  If you're playing scenario paintball at a field, sometimes they have awesome scenario bunkers already set up, like a fort or old buildings, old cars or military vehicles or even just a bunch of stacked up tires; anything will do.  Your heart usually starts beating quickly and you have to watch from all angles.  
On the other hand, speedball is good to compete in because it's all about speed and quickness; you have learn how move quick and refill your hopper while you're moving.  You have to learn to how to cover and bunker people.  One thing's for sure, with speedball, you can't be scared to move!  This is a game where your energy is flowing quick you don't even have time to think about whats going on; you'd better have your game plan in your head before you start a speedball game - but be ready to change it in a second's notice!  You also need to know where your teammates are at on the field - in tactical woodsball and speedball.

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