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Stock up on your Air Supplies - Wal Mart's not refilling anymore!

So I bring my son's CO2 tanks into Wal Mart to exchange them for filled ones the other day..... and the kid behind the counter proceeds in telling me how paintball is being 'phased out' and that airsoft is taking over!  Yeah right!  Let's face it.... air soft is cool but it's a far second from actually marking your opponents with a realistic tactical paintball gun.  What he meant to say was how 'Wal Mart is phasing it out' and that they won't be re-filling CO2 tanks anymore.  At first I thought maybe it's just our local Wal Mart but I've heard it from other paintballers around the country as well - Wal Mart is going to stop re-filling/exchanging air tanks for paintball guns.  Don't worry though, there are other places you can go to re-fill your tanks; Wal Mart was just very convenient.  So make sure you stock up on all your CO2 needs...... CO2 tanks, refill kit, tank O-rings; you might even think about getting your own air compressor



  1. Ma Aftermath on September 23, 2010 at 8:03 AM said:
    I was so mad when they stopped doing that! I felt like flipping stuff over in the store with the rage I had.
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