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Paintball Guns For Military Training

One of the leading ways for soldiers to train is through using paintball guns.  While paintball guns don’t cause permanent damage, it’s simple to identify who has been hit (or 'marked'), and then take the appropriate course of action to avoid being hit in the future.  There are also specialized military paintball guns that are designed to be of similar size and weight as standard issue rifles and firearms.  Most of the tactical paintball guns on are these type.  This provides soldiers with a near authentic experience, and allows for tactical and battle training without endangering the soldier’s lives.  The police and military will often have their own paintball courses where soldiers can go against other squads or against each other and practice tactical strategies.  Paintballing is a great way for soldiers and law enforcement officers to train, and can improve a soldier’s instincts in battle and thus their ability to survive.  Paintball supplies are also much cheaper to use for training compared to actual rifles and blanks/mock ammo.  At, we have many military replica paintball rifles and paintball pistols are available to choose from.  The T68 Gen7 and MilSig K Series markers are probably the most reaslistic on the market today.  We also carry different paintballs/rounds that add further dimensions to military/law enforcement training.  For example, water balls (empty shells filled with water) allow personnel to train in just about anywhere without leaving any mess, greatly increasing their choices of training terrain/locations.

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