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Gift Certificates

We are MA Aftermath.  We are a competitive paintball team of four teens, all 15 years old. We love paintball and are always looking to step our game up. We plays tons of woodsball and scenario events; these are our favorite, but occasionally we’ll practice some speedball games as well just to practice maneuvering and working as a team.
We Christian 'Smooth' Osinski (3 yrs. Exp.), Garry 'Chaos' Burgess (3 yrs. Exp.), Brian 'Nightmare' Julius (3 yrs. Exp.), Roberto 'Sprays' Neves (3 yrs. Exp.) and Ben 'Tango' Julius (2 yrs. Exp.).  We have a skater, a gangster, a gamer, and a sports player; I guess we’re sort of the Breakfast Club of paintball!

Our goals are probably very similar to everyone else's paintball team who wants to have fun and take home the gold.  Our long term goal is we want to make it in the big leagues. We realize the chances of making it into a professional league are slim, however we also know the importance of taking things one step at a time.  First we strive to succeed at smaller goals and work our way up.  Right now, we want to get a few sponsors for every area possible.  We started off with small businesses, and we plan to work our way up. was kind enough to pick us up and help us strive for our goals by being one of our first sponsors.

We believe MA Aftermath will stand out because we feel not many teams get sponsored for woodsball and scenario?  We promise to represent our sponsors in a professional way and we want to help them get more business however we can.  We also believe woodsball is the best way to reach a larger amount of people and think it’s very much the future of paintball.  At this point in time, it seems more people play woodsball than any other form of paintball.  As representatives to our sponsors, we plan helping small and large businesses do better and reach more people by winning competitions while wearing their logos and spreading the word about their business and products. 
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