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Tactical Paintball Vests
Add tons of realism to your tactical paintball game by simply wearing a Tactical Paintball Vest.  Wearing a tactical paintball vest will allow you to carry large amounts of extra paintballs in pods.  There are also vests that have a holster for a paintball pistol, magazine pouches and you can even carry several CO2 tanks on your back.  Carrying your CO2 tank on your back takes your tank off your paintball gun and makes your gun much more realistic!  All you have to do is attach it to a remote line and your gun will be free from the traditional, cumbersome, heavy CO2 tank.  You can also get your paintball vest in just about every type of camouflage there is.  You can buy all this equipment at for great low prices!  The best thing about the paintball vests in this store is there are so many to choose from; you can also put together your own paintball vest so you can customize it exactly the way you want.
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