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Gear For The Paintball Sniper

If you want to be a successful paintball sniper, what gear should you use?  Gear is a very important part of being a successful sniper.  First, you will need camouflage to make it harder to be seen.  If you want to go all out, get a sweet Ghille Suit to become totally invisible.  You also need a good paintball mask or goggle system.  You will spend a lot of time on the ground, and it's very possible you will get hit in the facemask.  You also want to keep it clean to make it easier to spot opposing players.  The Hawkeye paintball mask and tactical helmet is a great combination for tactical paintball and a good addition to your sniper gear collection.

Another important item needed is a paintball gun.  A lot of snipers use the new T68 Gen7 tactical paintball marker because it's so interchangeable with different barrels and handguards.  It also has a built in Flexi-air system so you can attach your remote line in an advantageous place that's better when you're laying down in sniper position.   Use which paintball marker brand that works best with your abilities.  It is important to keep the gun clean and smooth.  You also should try to get a dark gun instead of any stainless steal.  It kind of ruins your cover.  A good sight or paintball scope is also very important.  You have to make the first or second shot count so a sight is needed.  A new product from NcStar is the Red Dot Scope with laser attached and this is an excellent addition to any sniper's box of toys.  Another good paintball sniper scope is the good old reliable rubber armor 3-9X40.  Also check out the new 45 degree swivel bipods - these allow you to swivel your paintball sniper rifle 45 degrees in either direction so you don't have to pick up your bipod to switch direction and shoot at someone else.

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