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Planet Eclipse Etek Marker

The paintball marker I use on the field is a Planet Eclipse Etek 2.  I like this gun for its speed and accuracy, nor have I had any problems with it.  It always stays very clean and came with everything I needed for playing and I've been doing great in games ever since.  It has never failed me on the paintball field, and it always gets the job done.  I hope to use the Etek 2 for as long as I possably can.  I look foward to playing many games and tournaments with this marker, I also am looking into a star frame for it.  This frame has a screen that shows air pressure, amount of paintballs, and also allow me to change the firing modes on the gun much easier.  The stock frame is fine dont get me wrong, every one knows it's always nice to get an upgrade.  I would definitely recomend the Etek 2 paintball marker to anyone looking for a great and accurate competition paintball gun.  
Mike Morton, Team Trinity

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