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Great Game Ideas

The great thing about paintball is there are so many different ways to play.  Paintball has tons of variations and one can create many more if you've got any kind of imagination or athletic spirit. Some paintball fields have little combat towns with tiny forts (tree houses on the ground) and paintball bunkers. Some have a cemetary with large imitation tombstones all over a huge field. There are even night games played with few lights. Some fields have huge high weed fields where visibility is limited. Here's a few different scenario paintball games you might try:

Capture the Flag - This is the most commonly played game. There are two teams; each starts at a fort at different ends of the playing field, be it woods, or combat town, or even a cemetary. The idea is to get the other flag and bring it to your fort; oh yeah, don't get hit with any paintballs and don't forget to blast people!

Center Flag - One particularly interesting game is center flag. One flag is in the center of the playing field; the two teams start on either side of the field trying to get the flag and take it across the field to the other team's bunker (base). This is an awesome paintball game.

President's Men - Another variation is President's men. One person is the President and does not have a gun. He has 4 or 5 men around him that have to protect him for a given length of time. This is a fun game too, unless you're the President!

Paris Island - Another variation is called Paris Island in which a 5 people have to protect the flag that hangs in the center of a triangle of forts, bases, and towers. A small group hides in these and tries to protect the flag. The other larger group has to get the flag 'off the island' or out of the triangle to a safe outside location. This game was invented by Mike Gomez (11 year veteran) and can be played at his field, Michigan Battlefield. If you can invest in a couple paintball bunkers or get some old tires, metal cylinders, old wood crates, junkyard vehicles, etc., you can set this scenario up easily enough.

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