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More Speedball Tips

Here's another important tip when playing speedball....
Try not to develop tunnel vision.  Tunnel vision is a state where you only comprehend what's happening in a certain place that you're focused on.  If you develop tunnel vision, you will only a small portion of the field and not be aware of what is happening around you.  Make sure you don't only focus on a certain opponent's bunker
 or objective, or you may find yourself being eliminated out of nowhere.  Many new players develop tunnel vision and it is something that is not easily avoidable.  You must always make an attempt to recognize activities going around you on the field, and not just on activities happening in a certain area.  After playing more speedball, it will be easier to keep yourself from getting tunnel vision and having a larger recognition of what exactly is happening around you. However, do not mistake having an objective as having tunnel vision. There is nothing wrong with having a small battle with an opponent two bunkers ahead of you as long as you recognize your surroundings and other opposing players.

Other Small Tips
Do not wipe paint if you get hit, you won't become any better at the game.
Play hard and never loose motivation.  If the odds are against you, try your best and you may prevail.
Practice snap shooting (popping out of your bunker for a small amount of time, shooting some
paintballs at your target, and quickly going back into your bunker
Watch your flank and look for any openings in the opposing team's flanks. If you can get into the opponent's flank, you will probably be successful in eliminating a few of them by surprise.
Try to play better teams and players than you, it's a great way to hone your own skills. 
Have fun, don't cheat, and play safely!

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