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Prisoner of War

This is a fun game that can last for a long time if you want it to.  Basically players must rescue their incarcerated comrades.  When a player is eliminated, they are sent to the opposing team's POW holding area (jail).  You will need 2 teams (obviously) and an area on your side for your POW holding area.  You can try to keep your game within 30 minutes but sometimes it's fun to just let it go on for as long as it goes.  Here are a few rules and how to play:
1. When a player is eliminated, he is sent to the opposing team's POW Holding Area. (e.g. A Blue player will go to the Red flag station/POW Holding Area.)
2. Prisoners must stay in the POW Holding Area until one of their teammates tags them. 3. Once a player is tagged he can rejoin the game.
4. Each player in a POW Holding Area must be tagged to be set free.
5. Teams may leave players behind to "guard" their POW Holding Area.
6. All players must begin the game at their flag station (or assigned starting point) and cannot leave that area until the game begins.
7. Players who are eliminated may not, by word or gesture, indicate any intentions or locations of the opposing team members.
Object of the Game: The way to win is to have either all or most of the opposition in your POW holding area.
Tactical Advantage: The idea is to engage the opposition and shoot them without getting shot yourself.  Hit and run type tactics would be the best.  When you've whacked a few, withdraw.  Keep doing this while avoiding getting any of your own players hit.  Guards should be placed at the POW holding area.  They should prevent POWs from being tagged. If an opponent is near a POW you should also be prepared to tag out the POW in case he is put back into the game.  Best Paintball Equipment to use: any type of tactical paintball marker or competition paintball gun will do.  Something with an electronic trigger is nice; add an electronic hopper to speed your game up even more.  Try the Tippmann 98, 468 Tactical Marker or any Spyder paintball gun for starters.

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